Terms and conditions

Customers who decide to cancel their booking less than an hour from the schedule departure time will be invoiced 25% of the total cost. In case of bad weather, flights can be delayed or rescheduled to the next day, upon customer agreement and confirmation of accommodation availability (if applicable). Visit our web site for the detailed terms and conditions.

Bookings are subject to seaplane, accommodation or activity availability. Once the payment is made, customers will receive a booking confirmation by email. If the request can be processed unchanged, no further contact will be made by Québec Hydravion. Should a service be unavailable, a member of our reservation team will contact the customer based on the contact information provided to offer an alternative. If no other solution is acceptable (for the customer or the air carrier), Québec Hydravion will fully refund the booking amount. Should it be impossible to contact the customer (wrong contact information, etc.) and that the booking cannot be made as requested, no departure will be scheduled and the customer will be refunded. Customers must call on the morning of departure to confirm the departure time and weather conditions.

All our services rely on weather conditions. The pilot is solely responsible for cancellations due to weather, in coordination with Québec Hydravion’s chief pilot. The air carrier can replace seaplane transfers with any other type of transportation for air safety reasons. Decisions are made on the day of the flight, following the forecast on Nav Canada’s official web site, in order to comply with visual flight rules (VFR). No compensation can be requested. In cases where transfers cannot be operated for weather reasons and that no other air or ground transportation can be provided by Québec Hydravion, the cost for the cancelled flight(s) will be refunded. Québec Hydravion shall not be liable in case of flight delays. Customers who have a return flight to the airport or a departure by boat shall be responsible for checking the departure time and mention it at the time of booking. Québec Hydravion cannot guarantee the arrival time and cannot be held liable for objects lost or forgotten on the seaplane.

Québec Hydravion acts as an intermediary with the various providers included in its packages and cannot be held liable for their actions, omissions, faults of negligence or that of their employees, or any related loss or damage, regardless of nature.